Shaed Elementary

Teaching Demonstration and Lee Montessori Public Charter Schools at Shaed Elementary School – North Retaining Wall

GeoCapitol conducted a geotechnical engineering study for the North Retaining Wall at the school. The subject site is underlain by sedimentary deposits of the Potomac Group, which is well-documented with issues related to slope instability and excessive shrink/swell of the fine-grained soils. Recommendations regarding foundations, global stability, and lateral earth pressures were provided. Both H-Pile and micropile foundations were evaluated for support of the existing retaining wall modifications.  As-built drawings of the retaining wall were not available so GeoCapitol worked with the structural engineer to provide recommendations regarding soils and lateral earth pressures for the existing wall which were acceptable to both companies, the owner, and other design team members.


  • Shaed Elementary Retaining Wall