Maya Angelou Public Charter School Phase II

GeoCapitol provided construction materials testing services for the Maya Angelou Public Charter School Phase II renovations. The new space will include a new parking lot, upgraded network infrastructure, bright new finishes, an expanded healthcare suite, and more space for individualized instruction and wrap-around services. In addition, two new science labs for the chemistry and biology classes will be added in.

GeoCapitol personnel assisted in verifying the soil types located in the proposed parking lot and the area of the new retaining wall. Some of GeoCapitol’s remediation options included utilizing geogrid for pavement subgrade improvements, undercutting and replacing 2 feet of soils and utilizing surge stone to stabilize subgrade soils after undercutting 1 foot. GeoCapitol provided a variety of options in a short timeframe and worked with the contractor to come up with the best solution which was also acceptable to the owner.