LEEP Renewable Energy Recovery Facility (ReRF)

GeoCapitol provided geotechnical engineering design services for the LEEP Renewable Energy Recovery Facility (ReRF), an approximately 40,000 SF facility at the Prince William County Landfill that will convert waste to reusable products such as fuel, concrete aggregate, and recyclable materials such as glass and metal.  Additional construction will include roadways and parking.  At the time of GeoCapitol’s subsurface investigation, the site was being used to store gravel and concrete stockpiles. Subsurface conditions were investigated by drilling eight soil test borings and excavating six test pits.  Based on GeoCapitol’s evaluation of the subsurface conditions, they provided preliminary foundation recommendations and earthwork comments for loadbearing fills construction, including an assessment of on-site soils to be excavated for re-use as fill.