King Greenleaf Playground Renovations

GeoCapitol managed a geotechnical engineering investigation for renovations at a playground located at the intersection of Canal and 1st Street NW. The new layout and hardscaping will include more playground equipment, soft surfaces and permeable surfaces for walkways, shade structure, benches and miscellaneous furnishings. Stormwater management will include on-site infiltration and percolation of stormwater.

The field investigation involved drilling five hand auger borings in the site re-development area. Hand augers were utilized as opposed to traditional soil boring equipment to protect the park grounds and for ease of site access. Selected soil samples obtained from the field investigation were tested for grain size distribution, Atterberg limits, and natural moisture contents. GeoCapitol provided recommendations regarding foundations, slabs on-grade, subdrainage, earthwork, and stormwater management.