DC Water

DC Water BMP On-Call Materials Testing Services

GeoCapitol is managing and providing materials testing and inspection services as-needed during the construction of improvements to the Blue Plains Water Treatment facility as part of their Biosolids Management Program. This program consists of construction of three separate, but related facilities to process biosolids more effectively and efficiently. The three facilities include the Main Processing Train, the Combined Heat and Power Facility, and the Final Dewatering Facility which are being constructed concurrently. As needed, GeoCapitol provides DCRA-Certified Third Party Inspectors to provide soil, concrete, and steel quality control testing services required to confirm the contractors are constructing the facilities in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

The needs of each project vary significantly depending on the specific tasks that are being completed.  Full-time services were required during the construction of the Combined Heat and Power Facility and part-time services were required for the Final Dewatering Facility and the Main Processing Train Facility.  Additionally, due to an accelerated schedule, these inspections were frequently completed at night which saved additional costs for the client.