Company Culture

GeoCapitol is committed to maintaining a company culture where our employees’ lives are enriched professionally and personally. Our staff is our most valuable resource and we strive to provide the tools and encouragement to grow in their career and become experts in their field.

We are not only a company but a family that embodies the motto “work hard; play hard.” GeoCapitol hosts numerous social events throughout the year for our employees and their family members to enjoy including fishing trips, spelunking adventures, and monthly summer cookouts. By fostering a friendly company environment our employees work better as a team and enjoy their work, ultimately leading to better client service.

GeoCapitol’s unique company culture has led to low employee turnover and overall employee satisfaction.

Professional Development

GeoCapitol dedicates significant resources to staff professional development outside the office, hold bi-monthly in-house training sessions, and encourage the pursuit of higher education degrees. In addition to endowing them with new knowledge and tools, we firmly believe by providing educational opportunities to our staff we ensure they remain challenged and motivated to provide the best quality service to our clients.

Community Involvement

We are committed to improving our community by educating the public, providing technical services, and volunteering services, resources, and/or personnel to support non-profit and community organizations. Our staff routinely conducts technical workshops and training sessions to public audiences, clients, and any other groups with interest in our areas of expertise in order to share our wealth of knowledge with the community.


GeoCapitol devotes extensive resources to promote sustainability in both our projects as well as our operating procedures. GeoCapitol strives to achieve environmental balance with their designs and has LEED Certified personnel on staff as well as experience completing over 30 projects built to meet LEED criteria.